Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moving...again... (shocked, I'm sure)

Well. It's true.

We haven't even gotten setteled in our "new" house and Bryan finds out he's getting transferred to San Antonio, Tx. Still Texas, but still another move and still far away.

Bryan has to start work the first week of October there and is living with a friend until after the holidays when Bryant and I move as well.

I am going to work from home and make a couple of trips back a month.

Besides that and a wedding/birthday party/concert/work trip/bachelorette party, etc, etc, etc a weekend, we stay pretty busy and I'm trying to find time to figure out Bryant's Halloween costume and plan for the holidays.

I hate the fact I am finally at the age where I understand when my Mom used to moan and groan about the holidays coming :)

Hope all is well!

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